Eileen Ayuso
Eileen Ayuso's Fundraiser

What can be done about poverty in our community?

Your support of The Shalom Project's work is an integral part of ending poverty in Winston-Salem

$1,818 towards $3,500

I'm calling on you!

Friends, please help The Shalom Project continue to be a welcoming space for the people who need our services and to offer programming and support that will help people out of poverty permanently.

I have seen a wide diversity of people with just as many diverse situations effecting their ability to get by or get ahead. I have also seen what a difference just a little extra support can make in an individual's or a family's life, be it for a day, a week, a month or a lifetime. This is why I am asking that you join me by taking a minute to financially support real change in people's lives and in our community. I guarantee that your support of this kind of good in our world can and will truly make a difference.

Donate generously. Donate now!

And come see me at The Big Chill - the biggest ice cream festival in town! Dozens of ice cream, live music and lots of fun - not to mention me sitting on ice and calling everyone who hasn't donated yet!